Ready for a pillow fight!

Bouncing on the bed and looking for a pillow fight! Feathers galore and busted pillows the night is now complete! Time to settle down on her sissy’s bed in her new princess pink pajamas.

What I am Wearing:


Puppy Love<3

You have a cute little nose
And happy wagging tail
You lick me when I come home
You bark because there’s mail
You sleep in my bed
And think my shoe is a toy
Sweet little puppy
You fill me with joy
Oh, little puppy
So loyal and true
I just want you to know
How much I love you !

Always knew Daddy’s bed was good for something! Had a puppy party in it! Hopes him don’t mind!


  • Posies ~ Kids Best Bud Pose ~ Posies
  • Jian ~ Scruffy Shepard Sleepy Adult ~ Jian
  • Jian ~ Lively Labs Not so Serious Business Pup
  • Jian ~ Lively Labs Serious Business Pup
  • Jian ~ Scruffy Shepard Sleepy pup
  • Jian ~ Splendid Spaniels Upside down sleeper


  • {sps} Zoey in Pink ~ {sps}


Princess for a day!

Every little girl dreams of being a princess for a day! Being a three year old that’s every little girls dream! Giving my teddy bear all the love, in my favorite part of the playpen in our living room. Love it when the Thimble even comes around for some more play toys!

  • Props – Aphrodite Playpen “Princess” 1.1- Thimble Event- .Thimble. – kid event
  • Outfit- {SPS} Somerly –  {sps}
  • Eyes- .tsg. Snowfall eyes- Deep Blue – .tsg.
  • Eyelashes- VCO Angie eyelashes – Gatcha- VCO
  • Hair- [e] Away – Blonde- [e] – [e]-Elikatira
  • Pacifier – Killis Web Pacifier – [killis] – [killis] Web Pacifier
  • Kitty face- {SPS} Nosey & Whiskers applier for bento head – Soda Pop Shop – {sps}